A drawing of Mae's OC wavinghiii! i'm vimae

i code, make music and live on the internet

🏳️‍⚧️ she • they
🇬🇧 en-gb

a pixel art illustration of mae's oc sitting on grass by the beach next to a building that says NUU CORP with a transgender flag on top. there is a moon in the corner of the frame and icons in the other corner

🪐 i do a lot of things!

i enjoy screwing around with creative software and really just anything.

i've done webdev, gamedev, 3D modelling, pixelart, graphic design, reverse engineering, native development and system administration.

a screenshot of visual studio code

🎼 i really really like music

i've been making music since 2020 in Ableton Live and FL Studio. i'm still trying to figure out what my style is but i've made a lot of electronic centered music in the past

as for listening, i listen to a variety of genres - a lot of hyperpop, pop, electronic stuff, dubstep, indie, occasionally rock or metal. check out my last.fm to see what i've been listening to lately~

🔧 what i work with

i've written software in JavaScript, Python, Rust, C#, Java (in order of confidence)

on the web side, i'm experienced with modern frameworks and toolsets like React, Next.js, Svelte, SvelteKit, Vite and TailwindCSS

Rust logo

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